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RFC130 - Response to RFC111: Pressure from the chairman (Not online) Heafner, J.F. 1971 April 22; 2 p. (Updates RFC111)

RFC1300 - Remembrances of things past. Greenfield, S.R. 1992 February; 4 p. (Format: TXT=4963 bytes)

RFC1301 - Multicast Transport Protocol. Armstrong, S.M.; Freier, A.O.; Marzullo, K.A. 1992 February; 38 p. (Format: TXT=91976 bytes)

RFC1302 - Building a network information services infrastructure. Sitzler, D.D.; Smith, P.G.; Marine, A.N. 1992 February; 13 p. (Format: TXT=29135 bytes) (Also FYI 12)

RFC1303 - Convention for describing SNMP-based agents. McCloghrie, K.; Rose, M.T. 1992 February; 12 p. (Format: TXT=22915 bytes)

RFC1304 - Definitions of managed objects for the SIP interface type. Cox, T.A.; Tesink, K.,eds. 1992 February; 25 p. (Format: TXT=5241 bytes)

RFC1305 - Network Time Protocol (Version 3): Specification, implementation, and analysis. Mills, D.L. 1992 March; 113 p. (Format: TXT=307085, tar.Z=815759 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1119)

RFC1306 - Experiences supporting by-request circuit-switched T3 networks. Nicholson, A.; Young, J. 1992 March; 10 p. (Format: TXT=25788 bytes)

RFC1307 - Dynamically switched link control protocol. Nicholson, A.; Young, J. 1992 March; 13 p. (Format: TXT=24145 bytes)

RFC1308 - Executive introduction to directory services using the X.500 protocol. Weider, C.; Reynolds, J.K. 1992 March; 4 p. (Format: TXT=9392 bytes) (Also FYI 13)

RFC1309 - Technical overview of directory services using the X.500 protocol. Weider, C.; Reynolds, J.K.; Heker, S. 1992 March; 16 p. (Format: TXT=35694 bytes) (Also FYI 14)

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