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RFC140 - Agenda for the May NWG meeting (Not online) Crocker, S.D. 1971 May 4; 3 p. (Updated by RFC149)

RFC1400 - Transition and Modernization of the Internet Registration Service. S. Williamson; March 1993; (395 lines)

RFC1401 - Correspondence between the IAB and DISA[1] on the use of DNS throughout the Internet. Internet Architecture Board; Lyman Chapin, Chair; January 1993; (451 lines)

RFC1402 - There's Gold in them thar Networks! or Searching for Treasure in all the Wrong Places. J. Martin; Ohio State University; January 1993; (2187 lines)

RFC1403 - BGP OSPF Interaction. Varadhan; OARnet; January 1993; (955 lines)

RFC1404 - A Model for Common Operational Statistics. B. Stockman; NORDUnet/SUNET; January 1993; (1515 lines)

RFC1405 - Mapping between X.400(1984/1988) and Mail-11 (DECnet mail). C. Allocchio; January 1993; (1067 lines)

RFC1406 - Definitions of Managed Objects for the DS1 and E1 Interface Types. F. Baker; Advanced Computer Communications; J. Watt; Newbridge Networks Corporation; Editors; January 1993; (2803 lines)

RFC1407 - Definitions of Managed Objects for the DS3/E3 Interface Type. T. Cox; K. Tesink; Bell Communications Research; Editors; January 1993; (2411 lines)

RFC1408 - Telnet Environment Option. D. Borman, Editor; Cray Research, Inc.; January 1993; (395 lines)

RFC1409 - Telnet Authentication Option. D. Borman, Editor; Cray Research, Inc.; January 1993; (395 lines) (obsolete)

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