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RFC198 - Site certification - Lincoln Labs 360/67 (Not online) Heafner, J.F. 1971 July 20; 1 p. (Obsoletes RFC193; Obsoleted by RFC214)

RFC1980 - A Proposed Extension to HTML: Client-Side Image Maps. J. Seidman. August 1996. (Format: TXT=13448 bytes)

RFC1981 - Path MTU Discovery for IP version 6. J. McCann, S. Deering & J. Mogul. August 1996. (Format: TXT=34088 bytes)

RFC1982 - Serial Number Arithmetic. R. Elz & R. Bush. August 1996. (Format: TXT=14440 bytes) (Updates RFC1034, RFC1035)

RFC1983 - Internet Users' Glossary. G. Malkin. August 1996. (Format: TXT=123008 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1392) (Obsoleted by FYI0018) (Also FYI0018)

RFC1984 - IAB and IESG Statement on Cryptographic Technology and the Internet. IAB & IESG. August 1996. (Format: TXT=10738 bytes)

RFC1985 - SMTP Service Extension for Remote Message Queue Starting. J. De Winter. August 1996. (Format: TXT=14815 bytes)

RFC1986 - Experiments with a Simple File Transfer Protocol for Radio Links using Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol (ETFTP). W. Polites, W. Wollman, D. Woo & R. Langan. August 1996. (Format: TXT=49772 bytes)

RFC1987 - Ipsilon's General Switch Management Protocol Specification Version 1.1. P. Newman, W. Edwards, R. Hinden, E. Hoffman, F. Ching Liaw, T. Lyon & G. Minshall. August 1996. (Format: TXT=105821 bytes)

RFC1988 - Conditional Grant of Rights to Specific Hewlett-Packard Patents In Conjunction With the Internet Engineering Task Force's Internet-Standard Network Management Framework. G. McAnally, D. Gilbert & J. Flick. August 1996. (Format: TXT=3821 bytes)

RFC1989 - PPP Link Quality Monitoring. W. Simpson. August 1996. (Format: TXT=29289 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1333)

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