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RFC266 - Network host status (Not online) Westheimer, E. 1971 November 8; 2 p. (Obsoletes RFC255; Obsoleted by RFC267)

RFC2660 - The Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol. E. Rescorla, A. Schiffman. August 1999. (Format: TXT=95645 bytes) (Status: Experimental)

RFC2661 - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol "L2TP". W. Townsley, A. Valencia, A. Rubens, G. Pall, G. Zorn, B. Palter. August 1999. (Format: TXT=168150 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC2662 - Definitions of Managed Objects for the ADSL Lines. G. Bathrick, F. Ly. August 1999. (Format: TXT=247122 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC2663 - IP Network Address Translator (NAT) Terminology and Considerations. P. Srisuresh, M. Holdrege. August 1999. (Format: TXT=72265 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC2664 - FYI on Questions and Answers - Answers to Commonly Asked "New Internet User" Questions. R. Plzak, A. Wells, E. Krol. August 1999. (Format: TXT=23640 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1594) (Also FYI0004) (Status: Informational)

RFC2665 - Definitions of Managed Objects for the Ethernet-like Interface Types. J. Flick, J. Johnson. August 1999. (Format: TXT=110038 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2358) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC2666 - Definitions of Object Identifiers for Identifying Ethernet Chip Sets. J. Flick. August 1999. (Format: TXT=37699 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC2667 - IP Tunnel MIB. D. Thaler. August 1999. (Format: TXT=32770 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC2668 - Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Medium Attachment Units (MAUs). A. Smith, J. Flick, K. de Graaf, D. Romascanu, D. McMaster, K. McCloghrie, S. Roberts. August 1999. (Format: TXT=121843 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2239) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC2669 - DOCSIS Cable Device MIB Cable Device Management Information Base for DOCSIS compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems. M. St. Johns, Ed.. August 1999. (Format: TXT=112880 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

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