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RFC30 - Documentation conventions. Crocker, S.D. 1970 February 4; 1 p. (Format: TXT=4199 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC27)

RFC300 - ARPA Network mailing lists (Not online) North, J.B. 1972 January 25; 6 p. (Obsoletes RFC211; Obsoleted by RFC303)

RFC301 - BBN IMP (#5) and NCC schedule March 4, 1971 (Not online) Alter, R. 1972 February 11; 1 p.

RFC302 - Exercising the ARPANET (Not online) Bryan, R.F. 1972 February 8; 3 p.

RFC303 - ARPA Network mailing lists (Not online) Stanford Research Inst., Network Information Center. 1972 February 23; 6 p. (Obsoletes RFC300; Obsoleted by RFC329)

RFC304 - Data management system proposal for the ARPA network (Not online) McKay, D.B. 1972 February 17; 12 p.

RFC305 - Unknown host numbers (Not online) Alter, R. 1972 February 23; 1 p.

RFC306 - Network host status (Not online) Westheimer, E. 1972 February 15; 3 p. (Obsoletes RFC298; Obsoleted by RFC315)

RFC307 - Using network Remote Job Entry (Not online) Harslem, E. 1972 February 24; 6 p.

RFC308 - ARPANET host availability data (Not online) Seriff, M. 1972 March 13; 3 p.

RFC309 - Data and File Transfer workshop announcement (Not online) Bhushan, A.K. 1972 March 17; 5 p.

RFC3000 - Internet Official Protocol Standards. J. Reynolds, R. Braden, S. Ginoza, L. Shiota. November 2001. (TXT = 115207 bytes)(Obsoletes RFC2900) (Also STD0001)

RFC3001 - A URN Namespace of Object Identifiers. M. Mealling. November 2000. (Format: TXT=7459 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3002 - Overview of 2000 IAB Wireless Internetworking Workshop. D. Mitzel. November 2000. (Format: TXT=101466 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3003 - The audio/mpeg Media Type. M. Nilsson. November 2000. (Format: TXT=8381 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3004 - The User Class Option for DHCP. G. Stump, R. Droms, Y. Gu, R. Vyaghrapuri, A. Demirtjis, B. Beser, J. Privat. November 2000. (Format: TXT=10423 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3005 - IETF Discussion List Charter. S. Harris. November 2000. (Format: TXT=5682 bytes) (Also BCP0045) (Status: Best Current Practice)

RFC3006 - Integrated Services in the Presence of Compressible Flows. B. Davie, S. Casner, C. Iturralde, D. Oran, J. Wroclawski. November 2000. (Format: TXT=31588 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3007 - Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Dynamic Update. B. Wellington. November 2000. (Format: TXT=18056 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2137) (Updates RFC2535, RFC2136) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3008 - Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC) Signing Authority. B. Wellington. November 2000. (Format: TXT=13484 bytes) (Updates RFC2535) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3009 - Registration of parityfec MIME types. J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne. November 2000. (Format: TXT=16022 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3010 - NFS version 4 Protocol. S. Shepler, B. Callaghan, D. Robinson, R. Thurlow, C. Beame, M. Eisler, D. Noveck. December 2000. (Format: TXT=450434 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1813, RFC1094) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3011 - The IPv4 Subnet Selection Option for DHCP. G. Waters. November 2000. (Format: TXT=13967 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3012 - Mobile IPv4 Challenge/Response Extensions. C. Perkins, P. Calhoun. November 2000. (Format: TXT=37005 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3013 - Recommended Internet Service Provider Security Services and Procedures. T. Killalea. November 2000. (Format: TXT=27905 bytes) (Also BCP0046) (Status: Best Current Practice)

RFC3014 - Notification Log MIB. R. Kavasseri. November 2000. (Format: TXT=48287 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3015 - Megaco Protocol 1.0. F. Cuervo, N. Greene, A. Rayhan, C. Huitema, B. Rosen, J. Segers. November 2000. (Format: TXT=385432 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2885, RFC2886) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3016 - RTP Payload Format for MPEG-4 Audio/Visual Streams. Y. Kikuchi, T. Nomura, S. Fukunaga, Y. Matsui, H. Kimata. November 2000. (Format: TXT=47070 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3017 - XML DTD for Roaming Access Phone Book. M. Riegel, G. Zorn. December 2000. (Format: TXT=59762 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3018 - Unified Memory Space Protocol Specification. A. Bogdanov. December 2000. (Format: TXT=177783 bytes) (Status: Experimental)

RFC3019 - IP Version 6 Management Information Base for The Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol. B. Haberman, R. Worzella. January 2001. (Format: TXT=28293 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3020 - Definitions of Managed Objects for Monitoring and Controlling the UNI/NNI Multilink Frame Relay Function. P. Pate, B. Lynch, K. Rehbehn. December 2000. (Format: TXT=67736 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3021 - Using 31-Bit Prefixes on IPv4 Point-to-Point Links. A. Retana, R. White, V. Fuller, D. McPherson. December 2000. (Format: TXT=19771 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3022 - Traditional IP Network Address Translator (Traditional NAT). P. Srisuresh, K. Egevang. January 2001. (Format: TXT=37675 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1631) (Status: Informational)

RFC3023 - XML Media Types. M. Murata, S. St.Laurent, D. Kohn. January 2001. (Format: TXT=86011 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2376) (Updates RFC2048) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3024 - Reverse Tunneling for Mobile IP, revised. G. Montenegro, Editor. January 2001. (Format: TXT=63929 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC2344) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3025 - Mobile IP Vendor/Organization-Specific Extensions. G. Dommety, K. Leung. February 2001. (Format: TXT=15611 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3026 - Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUM. R. Blane. January 2001. (Format: TXT=11460 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3027 - Protocol Complications with the IP Network Address Translator. M. Holdrege, P. Srisuresh. January 2001. (Format: TXT=48662 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3028 - Sieve: A Mail Filtering Language. T. Showalter. January 2001. (Format: TXT=73582 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3029 - Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Data Validation and Certification Server Protocols. C. Adams, P. Sylvester, M. Zolotarev, R. Zuccherato. February 2001. (Format: TXT=107347 bytes) (Status: Experimental)

RFC3030 - SMTP Service Extensions for Transmission of Large and Binary MIME Messages. G. Vaudreuil. December 2000. (Format: TXT=23405 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1830) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3031 - Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture. E. Rosen, A. Viswanathan, R. Callon. January 2001. (Format: TXT=147175 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3032 - MPLS Label Stack Encoding. E. Rosen, D. Tappan, G. Fedorkow, Y. Rekhter, D. Farinacci, T. Li, A. Conta. January 2001. (Format: TXT=48314 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3033 - The Assignment of the Information Field and Protocol Identifier in the Q.2941 Generic Identifier and Q.2957 User-to-user Signaling for the Internet Protocol. M. Suzuki. January 2001. (Format: TXT=52188 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3034 - Use of Label Switching on Frame Relay Networks Specification. A. Conta, P. Doolan, A. Malis. January 2001. (Format: TXT=53176 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3035 - MPLS using LDP and ATM VC Switching. B. Davie, J. Lawrence, K. McCloghrie, E. Rosen, G. Swallow, Y. Rekhter, P. Doolan. January 2001. (Format: TXT=46463 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3036 - LDP Specification. L. Andersson, P. Doolan, N. Feldman, A. Fredette, B. Thomas. January 2001. (Format: TXT=274855 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3037 - LDP Applicability. B. Thomas, E. Gray. January 2001. (Format: TXT=13601 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3038 - VCID Notification over ATM link for LDP. K. Nagami, Y. Katsube, N. Demizu, H. Esaki, P. Doolan. January 2001. (Format: TXT=39134 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3039 - Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Qualified Certificates Profile. S. Santesson, W. Polk, P. Barzin, M. Nystrom. January 2001. (Format: TXT=67619 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3040 - Internet Web Replication and Caching Taxonomy. I. Cooper, I. Melve, G. Tomlinson. January 2001. (Format: TXT=63257 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3041 - Privacy Extensions for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in IPv6. T. Narten, R. Draves. January 2001. (Format: TXT=44446 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3042 - Enhancing TCP's Loss Recovery Using Limited Transmit. M. Allman, H. Balakrishnan, S. Floyd. January 2001. (Format: TXT=19885 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3043 - The Network Solutions Personal Internet Name (PIN): A URN Namespace for People and Organizations. M. Mealling. January 2001. (Format: TXT=8136 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3044 - Using The ISSN (International Serial Standard Number) as URN (Uniform Resource Names) within an ISSN-URN Namespace. S. Rozenfeld. January 2001. (Format: TXT=28094 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3045 - Storing Vendor Information in the LDAP root DSE. M. Meredith. January 2001. (Format: TXT=10518 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3046 - DHCP Relay Agent Information Option. M. Patrick. January 2001. (Format: TXT=30633 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3047 - RTP Payload Format for ITU-T Recommendation G.722.1. P. Luthi. January 2001. (Format: TXT=16292 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3048 - Reliable Multicast Transport Building Blocks for One-to-Many Bulk-Data Transfer. B. Whetten, L. Vicisano, R. Kermode, M. Handley, S. Floyd, M. Luby. January 2001. (Format: TXT=48965 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3049 - TN3270E Service Location and Session Balancing. J. Naugle, K. Kasthurirangan, G. Ledford. January 2001. (Format: TXT=40743 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3050 - Common Gateway Interface for SIP. J. Lennox, H. Schulzrinne, J. Rosenberg. January 2001. (Format: TXT=76652 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3051 - IP Payload Compression Using ITU-T V.44 Packet Method. J. Heath, J. Border. January 2001. (Format: TXT=15845 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3052 - Service Management Architectures Issues and Review. M. Eder, S. Nag. January 2001. (Format: TXT=31859 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3053 - IPv6 Tunnel Broker. A. Durand, P. Fasano, I. Guardini, D. Lento. January 2001. (Format: TXT=27336 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3054 - Megaco IP Phone Media Gateway Application Profile. P. Blatherwick, R. Bell, P. Holland. January 2001. (Format: TXT=31971 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3055 - Management Information Base for the PINT Services Architecture. M. Krishnaswamy, D. Romascanu. February 2001. (Format: TXT=39315 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3056 - Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 Clouds. B. Carpenter, K. Moore. February 2001. (Format: TXT=54902 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3057 - ISDN Q.921-User Adaptation Layer. K. Morneault, S. Rengasami, M. Kalla, G. Sidebottom. February 2001. (Format: TXT=13601 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3058 - Use of the IDEA Encryption Algorithm in CMS. S. Teiwes, P. Hartmann, D. Kuenzi. February 2001. (Format: TXT=17257 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3059 - Attribute List Extension for the Service Location Protocol. E. Guttman. February 2001. (Format: TXT=11208 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3060 - Policy Core Information Model -- Version 1 Specification. B. Moore, E. Ellesson, J. Strassner, A. Westerinen. February 2001. (Format: TXT=240309 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3061 - A URN Namespace of Object Identifiers. M. Mealling. February 2001. (Format: TXT=8387 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC3001) (Status: Informational)

RFC3062 - LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation. K. Zeilenga. February 2001. (Format: TXT=11807 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3063 - MPLS Loop Prevention Mechanism. Y. Ohba, Y. Katsube, E. Rosen, P. Doolan. February 2001. (Format: TXT=93523 bytes) (Status: Experimental)

RFC3064 - MGCP CAS Packages. B. Foster. February 2001. (Format: TXT=116818 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3065 - Autonomous System Confederations for BGP. P. Traina, D. McPherson, J. Scudder. February 2001. (Format: TXT=20529 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1965) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3066 - Tags for the Identification of Languages. H. Alvestrand. January 2001. (Format: TXT=26522 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC1766) (Also BCP0047) (Status: Best Current Practice)

RFC3067 - TERENA'S Incident Object Description and Exchange Format Requirements. J. Arvidsson, A. Cormack, Y. Demchenko, J. Meijer. February 2001. (Format: TXT=36836 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3068 - An Anycast Prefix for 6to4 Relay Routers. C. Huitema. June 2001. (Format: TXT=20120 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3069 - VLAN Aggregation for Efficient IP Address Allocation. D. McPherson, B. Dykes. February 2001. (Format: TXT=14891 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3070 - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) over Frame Relay. V. Rawat, R. Tio, S. Nanji, R. Verma. February 2001. (Format: TXT=12940 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3071 - Reflections on the DNS, RFC1591, and Categories of Domains. J. Klensin. February 2001. (Format: TXT=24892 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3072 - Structured Data Exchange Format (SDXF). M. Wildgrube. March 2001. (Format: TXT=48481 bytes) (Status: Informational) 3073 Portable Font Resource (PFR) - application/font-tdpfr MIME Sub-type Registration. J. Collins. March 2001. (Format: TXT=9076 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

RFC3073 - Portable Font Resource (PFR) - application/font-tdpfr MIME Sub-type Registration. J. Collins. March 2001. (TXT = 9076 bytes)

RFC3074 - DHC Load Balancing Algorithm. B. Volz, S. Gonczi, T. Lemon, R. Stevens. February 2001. (Format: TXT=19374 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3075 - XML-Signature Syntax and Processing. D. Eastlake, J. Reagle, D. Solo. March 2001. (Format: TXT=145520 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3076 - Canonical XML Version 1.0. J. Boyer. March 2001. (Format: TXT=63955 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3077 - A Link-Layer Tunneling Mechanism for Unidirectional Links. E. Duros, W. Dabbous, H. Izumiyama, N. Fujii, Y. Zhang. March 2001. (Format: TXT=52410 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3078 - Microsoft Point-To-Point Encryption (MPPE) Protocol. G. Pall, G. Zorn. March 2001. (Format: TXT=22952 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3079 - Deriving Keys for use with Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE). G. Zorn. March 2001. (Format: TXT=38905 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3080 - The Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol Core. M. Rose. March 2001. (Format: TXT=82089 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3081 - Mapping the BEEP Core onto TCP. M. Rose. March 2001. (Format: TXT=14008 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3082 - Notification and Subscription for SLP. J. Kempf, J. Goldschmidt. March 2001. (Format: TXT=33410 bytes) (Status: Experimental)

RFC3083 - Baseline Privacy Interface Management Information Base for DOCSIS Compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems. R. Woundy. March 2001. (Format: TXT=88318 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3084 - COPS Usage for Policy Provisioning (COPS-PR). K. Chan, J. Seligson, D. Durham, S. Gai, K. McCloghrie, S. Herzog, F. Reichmeyer, R. Yavatkar, A. Smith. March 2001. (Format: TXT=79341 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3085 - URN Namespace for NewsML Resources. A. Coates, D. Allen, D. Rivers-Moore. March 2001. (Format: TXT=10016 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3086 - Definition of Differentiated Services Per Domain Behaviors and Rules for their Specification. K. Nichols, B. Carpenter. April 2001. (Format: TXT=63122 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3087 - Control of Service Context using SIP Request-URI. B. Campbell, R. Sparks. April 2001. (Format: TXT=83612 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3088 - OpenLDAP Root Service An experimental LDAP referral service. K. Zeilenga. April 2001. (Format: TXT=19471 bytes) (Status: Experimental)

RFC3089 - A SOCKS-based IPv6/IPv4 Gateway Mechanism. H. Kitamura. April 2001. (Format: TXT=83612 bytes) (Status: Experimental)

RFC3090 - DNS Security Extension Clarification on Zone Status. E. Lewis. March 2001. (Format: TXT=24166 bytes) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3091 - Pi Digit Generation Protocol. H. Kennedy. 1 April 2001. (Format: TXT=10375 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3092 - Etymology of "Foo". D. Eastlake 3rd, C. Manros, E. Raymond. 1 April 2001. (Format: TXT=29235 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3093 - Firewall Enhancement Protocol (FEP). M. Gaynor, S. Bradner. 1 April 2001. (Format: TXT=22405 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3094 - Tekelec's Transport Adapter Layer Interface. D. Sprague, R. Benedyk, D. Brendes, J. Keller. April 2001. (Format: TXT=265099 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3095 - Robust Header Compression (ROHC). C. Bormann et al. July 2001. (Format: TXT=368746 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3096 - Requirements for robust IP/UDP/RTP head compression. M. Degermark. July 2001. (Format: TXT=15018 bytes) (Status: Informational)

RFC3097 - RSVP Cryptographic Authentication -- Updated Message Type Value. R. Braden, L. Zhang. April 2001. (Format: TXT=6320 bytes) (Updates RFC2747) (Status: Proposed Standard)

RFC3098 - How to Advertise Responsibly Using E-Mail and Newsgroups or - how NOT to $$$$$ MAKE ENEMIES FAST! $$$$$. E. Gavin, D. Eastlake 3rd, S. Hambridge. April 2001. (Format: TXT=64687 bytes) (Also FYI0038) (Status: Informational)

RFC3099 - Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3000-3099. S. Ginoza. November 2001. (TXT = 48990 bytes)

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