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Ergebnisse für RFC317

RFC317 - Official Host-Host Protocol modification: Assigned link numbers (Not online) Postel, J.B. 1972 March 20; 1 p. (Obsoleted by RFC604)

RFC3170 - IP Multicast Applications: Challenges and Solutions. B. Quinn, K. Almeroth. September 2001. (TXT = 67207 bytes)

RFC3171 - IANA Guidelines for IPv4 Multicast Address Assignments. Z. Albanna, K. Almeroth, D. Meyer, M. Schipper. August 2001. (TXT = 15389 bytes)(Also BCP0051)

RFC3172 - Management Guidelines & Operational Requirements for the Address and Routing Parameter Area Domain ("arpa"). G. Huston, Ed.. September 2001. (TXT = 18097 bytes)(Also BCP0052)

RFC3173 - IP Payload Compression Protocol (IPComp). A. Shacham, B. Monsour, R. Pereira, M. Thomas. September 2001. (TXT = 15389 bytes)(Obsoletes RFC2393)

RFC3174 - US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1). D. Eastlake, 3rd, P. Jones. September 2001. (TXT = 35525 bytes)

RFC3175 - Aggregation of RSVP for IPv4 and IPv6 Reservations. F. Baker, C. Iturralde, F. Le Faucheur, B. Davie. September 2001. (TXT = 88681 bytes)

RFC3176 - InMon Corporation's sFlow: A Method for Monitoring Traffic in Switched and Routed Networks. P. Phaal, S. Panchen, N. McKee. September 2001. (TXT = 60171 bytes)

RFC3177 - IAB/IESG Recommendations on IPv6 Address. IAB, IESG. September 2001. (TXT = 23178 bytes)

RFC3178 - IPv6 Multihoming Support at Site Exit Routers. J. Hagino, H. Snyder. October 2001. (TXT = 24453 bytes)

RFC3179 - Script MIB Extensibility Protocol Version 1.1. J. Schoenwaelder, J. Quittek. October 2001. (TXT = 56311 bytes)(Obsoletes RFC2593)

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