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RFC391 - Traffic statistics (August 1972) (Not online) McKenzie, A.M. 1972 September 15; 3 p. (Obsoletes RFC378)

RFC3910 - The SPIRITS (Services in PSTN requesting Internet Services) Protocol. V. Gurbani, Ed., A. Brusilovsky, I. Faynberg, J. Gato, H. Lu, M. Unmehopa. October 2004. (Format: TXT=110515 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

RFC3911 - The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) "Join" Header. R. Mahy, D. Petrie. October 2004. (Format: TXT=35373 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

RFC3912 - WHOIS Protocol Specification. L. Daigle. September 2004. (Format: TXT=7770 bytes) (Obsoletes RFC0954, RFC0812) (Status: DRAFT STANDARD)

RFC3913 - Border Gateway Multicast Protocol (BGMP): Protocol Specification. D. Thaler. September 2004. (Format: TXT=97443 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

RFC3914 - Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Treatment of IAB Considerations. A. Barbir, A. Rousskov. October 2004. (Format: TXT=37411 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

RFC3915 - Domain Registry Grace Period Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP). S. Hollenbeck. September 2004. (Format: TXT=45467 bytes) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD)

RFC3916 - Requirements for Pseudo-Wire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3). X. Xiao, Ed., D. McPherson, Ed., P. Pate, Ed.. September 2004. (Format: TXT=43856 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

RFC3917 - Requirements for IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX). J. Quittek, T. Zseby, B. Claise, S. Zander. October 2004. (Format: TXT=81615 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

RFC3918 - Methodology for IP Multicast Benchmarking. D. Stopp, B. Hickman. October 2004. (Format: TXT=64652 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

RFC3919 - Remote Network Monitoring (RMON) Protocol Identifiers for IPv6 and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). E. Stephan, J. Palet. October 2004. (Format: TXT=14228 bytes) (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

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