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Sundials in
Berlin and around

The following list leads to sundials from within and around Berlin, which were collected (partly by random) since 1995 for the Sky over Berlin. The main reason for the collection is the daylight savings time, while most of the sundials only counting the happy hours of the local solar time, untouched by the human funnies like time shift, time zones, leap years, leap days, leap seconds...

Historical Wall Sundial at the Kroegel yard

Wall Sundial in the Nicolai quarter

Wall Sundial in the Waisenstr.

The Wall Sundial at the Charite

The Spiral Sundial at the Falkplatz next to the Mauerpark

Ball Sundial at the Zeiss Großplanetarium

Sundial at the Planetarium of the Wilhelm Foerster observatory

Flower Clock at the White Lake

Wall Sundial at the Rosa Luxemburg secondary school

The Morning Sundial at the public school in the Pestalozzistr.

Wall Sundial at the Cauer basic school

A Sundial at the Savignyplatz

Wall Sundial within the Grolmanstr.

Sundial Am Fliederbusch close to the S-Bhf. Eichkamp

Wall Sundial at the Länderallee / Badenallee

Sundial remnant at the school in the Goerschstr.

Wall Sundial at the Sugar museum

Wall Sundial at the Rehberge basic school

Open Ring Sundial at the Plötzensee sluice

The Wall Sundial in the Dualastr.

Sundial at the Greenwich promenade

Sundial at the Hottengrundweg in Kladow

Garden Sundial at the Goldkäferweg at the city border

Wall Sundial at the Recklinghauser Weg

Ring Sundial at the Weinmeisterhornweg

Wall Sundial at the Seegefelder Weg

The Pillar Sundial within the Fritz Schloßpark

The Ring Sundial within the Engl. Garten

The big Wall Sundial at the Kreuzberg Adalbertstr.

The big Wall Sundial at the Kreuzberg Nostitzstr.

Sundial on the Pfaueninsel

Wall Sundial at the garage of Schwanenwerder No.1

Morning Sundial at Münchner Str.3

Sundial at the public park Wilmersdorf

Sundial at the city hall of Lankwitz

Wall Sundial at the Riesengebirgsschule

Ring Sundial in the Ravensberger Str.

Sundial at the Rudolf Hildebrand basic school

Historical and New Sundial within the public park Mariendorf

Morning Sundial at the underground station Alt-Mariendorf

Big Horizontal Sundial at the Britzer Park

The Wall Sundial at the Klausenpaß

The Morning Sundial at the Rudow Ehrenpreisweg

The turnable pillar Sundial at the Rudow Nordpark

Spherical Sundial at the longer part of the Sonnenallee

Wall Sundial at the Dämmeritzsee at Hessenwinkel

Wall Sundial at the school at the Willi-Sänger-Str.

Morning and Noon Wall Sundial at the Sterndamm

Adjustable Equatorial Sundial at the Eisenhutweg

Multiple Desk Sundial at the Buch hospital

Ring Sundial in Prerow, Zingst

Wall Sundial in Waren at the Müritz

Wall Sundial in the Fahrländer Str. in Falkensee

Wall Sundial at the church in Dennewitz

Sundial remnants at the school and observatory in Dahlewitz

Tower Sundial at the city hall of Dahme/Mark

Tower Sundial at the city hall of Fürstenwalde

Wall Sundial within Havelberg

Wall Sundial at the school at the Weinberg at Havelberg

Sundial at the church in Rheinsberg

Ring Sundial at the central place in Luebben

Sundial at the city border of Strausberg

The Equatorial Sundial in Waldsieversdorf

3 Side Sundial in Rüdersdorf

Sundial in Zossen at the Bahnhofsstr.

Wall Sundial at the oldest house in Oybin

Multiple Sundial and historical Armillarsphere within the park of Potsdam Sanssouci

Sundial near the Einstein tower at Potsdam

Wall Sundial at the Potsdam mill

Morning and Noon Sundial at the Stülpnagel villa in Babelsberg

Sundial at the Bruno-H.-Buergel school in Babelsberg

Pillar Sundial at the Weimar Belvedere and Open Cylinder Sundial within the Tiefurt Park (jd in Weimar'99)

These page sshould be viewed best with any browser, although a browser capable to show images might have some advantages. My preferred window size is 760x600, but if you like to read half-a-meter text lines, you may even try 1024x768 or more.

The older pictures were scanned with a HP ScanJet IIcx and converted to GIF or JPEG with Photoshop 2.5LE on an Apple Macintosh Centris if not otherwise specified. The newer pictures were scanned with a HP scanjet 3570c on an Apple iBook or digitally photographed with an Olympus E-100RS.

If you are looking for more sundials, Daniel Roth is maintaining a page with many Sun Dial Links around the world. For more links and sundials you can also visit the UK page Sundials on the Internet and the US page of the North American Sundial Society. For other clocks and more about counting time you can visit the homepage about horology. In 2004 the Mars Rover Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars and had a sundial with them which became the Astronomy Picture of the Day 10. January 2004. The Astronomy Picture of the Day 26. June 2012 shows a very special sundial for solstice and equinox.


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