Sundials in
Berlin and around

The Sundial within the Buch hospital

Collage around the sundial within the hospital Buch, Berlin-Buch, spring 1997 and 1998

Berlin-Buch is North East of Pankow/Weißensee at the North East end of the city. At the beginning 20th century a wide area of different hospital complexes were built there. Through Buch the Panke flows, a brook which flows into the Spree near the Berlin city center. Once at the ice-age this brook must had been a big river.

The sundial within the Buch hospital is within the local area "Ludwig Hoffmann" for rheumatic deseases. For the first years this complex may had beed the buildings for male lung patients.

The collage as a 598x398 180kBytes GIF87 map is referencing to twelve pictures in and around the Buch hospital, where the photos from the local areas "Wiltbergstr." and "C.W. Hufeland" are from early spring 1997 at a first, unsuccessful search for the sundial and the photos of the local area "Ludwig Hoffmann" are from late spring 1998, all taken with a Pentax MZ-5:

Beside of the sundial an information-plate is placed, which is electronically erased at the images above. The plate describes the four components of the sundial and how to read the local time (MET+MEST) from the shown real local time. According to this plate the object was renovated in 1985 by the VEB Stuna.

The sundial was moved at least once, which has damaged the clock visibly. Besides of grinding lines on the stone, the pointer at the South side must had been gone off and lost, because as the postcard below shows this pointer wasn't a simple triangle with a square hole at first. But the sundial had an easier fate than the water tower, which had lost its upper layer and the spire in the past, now bearing an ugly antenna. The tower windows of the lower layers were walled up when the photos above were taken.

Hospital Buch, postcard at the beginning 20th century

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