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The historical Sundial at the Kroegel

The KroegelThe Sundial at the Kroegel
Kroegel with SundialWinter in the Kroegel

Sundial at the Kroegel yard, Alt-Berlin

The Kroegel yard was built within the 17th century and was the first trading yard of Berlin. The four pictures above are from historical black and white postcards, where the photographs from the beginning of the 20th century were visibly retouched. On the sundial the fortune was written:

Mors certa, hora incerta.

from Latin for "Death is certain, its hour uncertain."

The Kroegel yard was placed on the Fischerinsel and already at the time of the photographies planned for deconstruction. But money problems and the first world war delayed this, so the buildings were removed in 1935 for the new mint, then. The sundial was probably lost. The mint was destroyed only several year later. Nowadays there are high grey plate buildings at this place. - Each of the four downscaled GIF pictures above is referencing to a JPEG of the same postcard with the normalsize scan (each 480x720, 60kB, 156kB, 100kB and 84kB).

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