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Sundials in Treptow and Köpenick

The shorter end of the Sonnenallee behind the former wall is placed in Treptow. When the bridge of the Südostallee over the Britzer Zweigkanal would be still existing, then it would be a direct way from the sundial at the Sonnenallee to the sundial at the Sterndamm which is shown below:

Sterndamm Sundial photo (105kB)

Sundial at the Sterndamm in Berlin-Treptow, Autumn 1999

Coming from the city train station Schöneweide or from the Südostallee, the basically renovated flat house with the sundial is at the other end of the Sterndamm behind the last bend on the left street side. The clock is pointing to the south east, that is the direction in which you will going, then, so you have to turn around to see it. Special details of the morning and noon sundial are the different wind wheels which will move if there is a breeze from the right direction. At the time of the photo it wasn't, which is visible when comparing the picture above with the referenced second picture. (I'm afraid I wasn't able to combine the two images with a transparent area for a more efficent animation. Better luck next try.)

photos made with Minox 35ML (115kB)

Sundial at the Willi-Sänger-Schule, Berlin-Treptow, Spring 2000

This sundial is mounted at the school at the Willi-Sänger-Straße 1 in Treptow and can be counted to the sundials within the vicinity of the Archenhold observatory. The school (and the sundial) were completed as the date of the sundials shows in 1963, and they are somewhat hidden within a residential area of the same time. The photo was made in the late Spring of 2000 and is referencing to a close-up to the sundial (165kB) of the same day.

The Dämmeritzsee is placed at the south east border of Berlin east of the Müggelsee. The western part of the lake is within Berlin, while the eastern part from Erkner on belongs to Brandenburg. At the Dämmeritzsee there are many villa, where one of them in the Berlin-Köpenick region Hessenwinkel has a sundial, visible as seen from the lake:

Collage to the sundial at the Dämmeritzsee, Berlin-Köpenick, late spring 1999

The Collage above is referencing to 7 images of the sundial and its surroundings, seen from water:

Berlin-Johannisthal is a village within the Berlin district Treptow-Köpenick and is located in the Southeast of Berlin. The following sundial stands within a garden at the Eisenhutweg and is a self made sundial, which also can be adjusted to the daylight savings time by shifting the ring of the dial:

Fotos: digital

Sundial at the Eisenhutweg, Berlin-Johannisthal, Summer 2003, photos: W. Tost

The pictures were made digitally with a Olympus C3030Z.

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