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Sundial in Spandau, Staaken, Siemensstadt

Spandau seems to be, besides of Kreuzberg, one of the former districts with the fewest number of sundials. All existing catalogized sundials of Berlin-Spandau are within Kladow and Gatow, which are remote parts of the district in the Southwest. And only one of these sundials is showing the time somewhat correctly, if the Sun shines on it:

photo: Pentax MZ-5

Sundial in Kladow at the Hottengrundweg, Berlin-Spandau, Summer 2000

The picture above is showing the about 80x80 centimeter sized sundial at the Hottengrundweg in Berlin-Kladow. Its placed at a Southsouthwest wall of an appartment house, which is surrounded by numerous of plants and trees, giving the sundial only a few occasions to show the time.

But different to Kreuzberg, Spandau has large areas of small garden colonies, and so its only a matter of time until a sundial within these gardens can be discovered. The following sundial is placed next to the former city border of West-Berlin within a small garden at the Spandau Goldkäferweg:


Sundial at the Goldkäferweg, Berlin-Spandau, Summer 2002, photos: W. Tost
The special details about this sundial are the complete ring and the pedestal with the form of a big chain. The picture above is referencing to a photo from another point of view (206kB 600x800 JPEG).

The following three sundials are also located in Berlin-Spandau. The pictures were made by Wilfried Tost (DLR) with a Olympus C3030Z. Here a wall sundial with gnonom at the Recklinghauser Weg:

photos: digital

Sundial at the Recklinghauser Weg, Berlin-Spandau, Summer 2003, photos: W. Tost

At the Weinmeisterhornweg there is a ring sundial, which could be functional, but which is most probably not installed correctly, hidden in a garden:

photo: digital

Sundial at the Weinmeisterhornweg, Berlin-Spandau, Summer 2002, photo: W. Tost

At the Seegefelder Weg 332 one can find another wall sundial, which could be functional, but the gnonom points hopelessly in the sky:

Foto: digital

Sundial at the Seegefelder Weg, Berlin-Spandau, Fall 2005, photo: W. Tost

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