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Sundials in the Southeast of Berlin

One of the sundials which are endangered to be removed is the sundial at the Sonnenallee (Sun Avenue) near the Sonnenallee-Center and the blocks at the Michael-Bohnen-Ring, because this sculpture is a victim of extreme vandalism.

photo (105kB)

Sundial at the longer end of the Sonnenallee, Berlin-Neukölln, Autumn 1999

At the time of the photo above the inner part of the clock was scattered with stone splinters. The eye was obviously pelted with bricks, but this did no harm to the bronze. Two weeks later the objects was painted with white color. Some more weeks later the white color was removed and the sculpture got a brownish bronze paintings. Also the clock don't show the time anymore, the gnonom is ripped off. One consolation remains: at the clock there is the sayings "Tempus vincit omnia" - "Time conquers everything".

The following postcard from the flea market for 50Pf is showing the former sundial within the Volkspark (public park) Mariendorf:

Berlin-Mariendorf, Postcard, early 80ies

The views on the postcard are more or less views, which could be found ten minutes by feet around the underground station Alt-Mariendorf in the south of Berlin. The areas on the postcard are referencing of photos from summer 1998:

In June 1999 a new sundial was installed in the public park Mariendorf. It is stated that it is build like an even older sundial at the same place from the 1930ies. It is placed on a stone pillar and very similar to the sundial nearby the public park Wilmersdorf. The new sundial is shown by the image to the right, where the photo is from August 1999. It is referencing to a 42566 Bytes JPEG of an upscaled image.

Also only 10 minutes away from the underground station Alt-Mariendorf there is the Tempelhof Rudolf Hildebrand basic school at the Friedenstr. This school also has a sundial which is visible from the previously mentioned ice cafe. But the following image is showing the sundial from a better point of view:

Sundial at the Rudolf Hildebrand basic school Berlin-Tempelhof, fall 1998

The picture is referencing to a zoom on the sundial, where the inscription is readable: "Die trüben Stunden zeig ich nicht", standing for "The cloudy hours I do not show".

Collage/Imagemap Berlin Southeast

Sundial in Britz Garden, Berlin-Neukölln, and at the underground station Alt-Mariendorf, Berlin-Tempelhof, winter 1995/96
This is a 598x398 GIF87, 180149 Bytes, converted with xv 3.10 from TIFF, referencing to 7 pictures with Minox ML35/Kodak Color 200 and 2 Polaroids from the recreation park Britz Garden and around:

The sundial in the Britz Garden has a dial diameter of 60 meter and an inner hour dial with 14 meter in diameter. The pole is angled with 52 degrees and 26 minutes and has a length of nearly 13 meter, from base to the middle of the golden globe its length is around 8.5 meter. The sundial was build in the early 80ies, planning by Zilling/Zillich/Haffmann. With this sundial one can read the time exact up to one minute and estimate the current date. At the dial ground there is also the time equation loop engraved for calculating the mean local solar time.

The Britz Garden was the area of the Bundesgartenschau 1985 (German federal gardening exhibition) in Berlin and its one of two parks in Berlin where one have to pay for entrance (even in winter). The building at the left border of the photo is a zero-energy-building, used as a cafe and snack restaurant where all energy is taken from the South side Sun.

The Britz Garden could be reached by underground from the southend underground station Alt-Mariendorf of the line 6. At a building close to the western entry of this station there is a modern half day sundial at the Eastern wall. The picture above is taken at around 4 p.m. (Believe it or not: when taking the picture I haven't seen the sundial - I only wanted to get a picture of the terminal station.)

photos made with Pentax MZ-5 + Sigma IF28-300

Sundial at the Klausenpaß, Berlin Mariendorf, Winter 2000/2001

The picture above is not made in Berchtesgaden, Garmisch-Patenkirchen, the Black Forest or any other southern Germany skiing area, but it is out of the sundial rich southern part of Berlin. The Klausenpaß is a small street between the trotting race oval in Mariendorf and the park Britz Garden. The date of origin of this sundial at the Klausenpaß is next to the mid 90ies, but the corresponding house is older for some decades.

The far view picture above is referencing to close-up view (108kB) made at 12:35 MET. But the sundial shows a time before 12:30. This is in fact correct, because the photo is from the end of February at a time of the year where the time equation has a value of about -12 minutes. Normal sundials showing the local time therefore have the right to be behind the clock in a noticable way.

By telling about ones hobby one is sometimes initiating an eagerness in other people which is somewhat embarrassing because oneself hasn't that eagerness anyways. Sundials and looking for sundials can be such an hobby, and the following picture is a cause and a certificate of some eagerness. The Ehrenpreisweg in Rudow (in the Southeastern part of the former Berlin-West) is another remote location within Berlin where it is difficult to visit a sundial while it is working. The image is showing a morning sundial on wall nearly facing East:

photos made with Casio QV(?)

Sundial at the Ehrenpreisweg, Berlin-Rudow, Winter 2002 (photos: R. Laufer)

The wall sundial is made of metall and has a sphere as a pointing gnonom. The sundials is somewhat part of a somewhat savaged garden of clocks. If it is showing the true time anyways is currently not known. The inscription on the sign relating to the sundial reads: "γ=53°23 ½'   λ=13°29 ½'   N 84°30'0", where the first two values are probably the location with latitude and longitude, while the third value might be the direction where the dial is facing to.

The Berlin artist Bernd Blank had created the following sundial, which is installed within the Rudow Nordpark at the Knollstr.:

photos: Pentax MZ-5

Sundial within the Nordpark, Berlin-Rudow, Summer 2000

This sundial is from the 90ies, made of steel, and its similar to some of the sculptures and whippets of this artist, which are present here and there in the city. Besides of its form, this sundial has also an ambitious method to show the time: its done by a hole within the turnable disk which is mounted within a turnable pillar before the big U-formed scale. If the hole within the disk is pointed to the Sun, then a dot of light should show the current time and month related to the time of year on the scale. This sundial doesn't take the "daylight savings time" into account. The instructions for using and reading the time are written on a plate mounted on the stone wall in the foreground on the picture.

In Summer 2000 this sundial was sadly out of function because of vandalism: the hole for showing the time was filled with thrash. - The Rudow Nordpark is (despite of his name) within the most outward South of Berlin next to a new build suburb. The Knollstr. is connected to the Waltersdorfer Chaussee about one kilometer South of the most Eastern underground station of the line 7 to Rudow.

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