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Sundials in the Southwest of Berlin

Sundial at the public park Wilmersdorf

Sundial at the public park Wilmersdorf, Berlin Wilmersdorf, fall 1996

Its placed near the busstop "Am Volkspark", that is the corner of "Am Volkspark" and "Blissestr.". The above 400x480 120kB GIF89 is referencing on a 1000x600 94kB JPEG of another photo with the western side view of the sundial. Both photos were shot with a Minox 35ML camera.

The side view shows a sayings plate at the base with the text:

Sie sagt nich tick, sie sagt nich tack,
hat keene Jlocke, hat keenen Schlag.
Wenn die Sonne scheint, denn jeht se,
und wenn's rejnet, denn steht se.

This is (with a bit Berlin slang) somewhat like

She doesn't say tick, she doesn't say tack,
she has no bell, she has no beat.
If the sun is shining she works,
and if its raining she stops.

Deep in the night...

Sundial at the Garage of Schwanenwerder No.1
The private sundial at the Garage of the house No. 1 on the peninsula Schwanenwerderin Berlin-Zehlendorf was the title image for more than two and a half years of the sundial webpage. Nevertheless the motto of the new sundial pages is still the same as the engravings of this sundial: "Ich zähle nur die heiteren Stunden" (I only count the happy hours). The building is owned by a former police chief of Berlin. The photo is from the 27th of March 1996 at 23h (MET), taken while I was hunting the great comet of '96 with my Pentax Z-20. The image is referencing to a photo made more than four years later with a Pentax MZ-5, where this photo is a daylight shot (136kB).

Collage/Imagemap Pfaueninsel

Collage around the sundial at the "Pfaueninsel" (Peacocks Island), Berlin Zehlendorf, winter 1996/97

While browsing through a book about castles of Berlin and Brandenburg I found a picture of the castle at the Pfaueninsel, where a small object looking like a sundial was visible. This sundial was not present after the erection of the castle, because early steches are showing the scenery without a sundial. The pictures of the collage above are all made January the 12th, 1997. Upon the Wannsee and the Havel there was a layer of around 25cm of ice, inviting to a walk around the island.

All pictures of this hike are done with a Pentax MZ-5 (with a Pentax 35-80mm and a Pentax 70-200mm objective):

Sundial at the house Münchner Straße 3

Morning sundial at the house Münchner Straße 3, Berlin-Schöneberg, spring 1999

The discovery of the sundial at the top of the house Münchner Straße 3 happened by random as for some other sundials. To reach the Viktoria-Luise-Platz from the Bayrischer Platz by foot, the Münchner Str. is one of the main connection line, if you have found out of the street labyrinth around the Bayrischer Platz, first. In the subground you'll reach the Viktoria-Luise-Platz simply by using the U4 into the direction to Nollendorfplatz. Its only one stop ahead.

The house with the sundial at the gable is placed near the Viktoria-Luise-Platz (114kB JPEG), which environment has survived the 2nd world war for some parts. The house at the Münchner Straße No.3 is a modern building. The sundial is a morning sundial with zodiac scale. The above photo shows the complete house at the early afternoon. It references to a JPEG (103kB) of a picture at the late morning in May 1999, showing the sundial in detail.

photos made with Minox 35ML and Olympus E100-RS (80kB)

Sundial at the city hall of Lankwitz, Berlin-Steglitz, Summer 2001

Even within Berlin there are some remote places, where it is difficult to reach a sundial while it is working. One example is the sundial at the underground station Alt-Mariendorf, another example is the sundial above. At the first visit in the Summer of 1999 it was 16:30 MET when I reached it (by bike), and at this time of day the dial was already in the shadow.

The photo above, made with the Minox 35ML is showing the sundial in the Summer of 2001 at 14h MEST. In fact the sundial is not that unreachable, because a bus stop is somewhat in front of its park and only some hundred meter away the city train station Lankwitz is at the Leonorenstr.

The time of origin of this sundial is stated as "the 20th century" in the catalog of sundials within Germany and Switzerland, with which maybe the 30ies of the 20th century might be meant. The sundial is showing the true local time, and at the close-up view (132kB) the inscription "Die Sonnenuhr zählt die heitren Stunden nur" (the sundial is counting the happy hours only) is readable. This close-up was done with a digital Olympus E100-RS camera. At the image some graffiti is removed electronically.

Another sundial mentioned in the catalog of sundials even more in the South of Berlin was removed in the Trippsteinstr. in Steglitz. In the Summer of 2001 only the vague contour was visible at the fassade of the house once hosting a sundial.

photos made with Olympus E-100RS

Sundial at the Riesengebirgs-Oberschule, Berlin-Schöneberg, Winter 2001/2002

This sundial was already presented as the WFS picture of the week 05/01, but then as a normal scan of a photo print and unluckily out of function. The problem with this sundial is, that in Summer its nearly hidden behind the tree on the right side, while in Winter the shadows of other nearby trees are disabling the clock for most of the time.

The picture above is from February 2002, its digital, and its showing the sundial in function. The sundial is located at the gymnasium of the Riesengebirgs-Oberschule in Berlin-Schöneberg and its a metall work with different kinds of copper, showing a sun with Roman digits and a banner with the Latin sayings "SOL ME VOS UMBRA REGIT". Its a work from the 70ies/80ies done by the Berlin artist Bernd Blank, who made also the Sundial in front of the Planetarium of the Wilhelm Foerster Observatory.

The Riesengebirgs-Oberschule is an integrated secondary school of which the building is from the year 1900. The picture above is referencing to a backside view of the main building, where the enormous school hall with its window rosetta is visible.

The following sundial can be found within the wider vicinity of the Kudamm next to the Adenauer Platz. From the Adenauer Platz you have to walk down the Brandenburger Straße until the Ravensberger Straße and then the Ravensberger Straße up until nearly reaching the Eisenzahnstraße:

Sundial at the Ravensberger Str., photo (56kB)

Sundial at the Ravensberger Straße, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Spring 2004

This sundial is listed in the catalogue of sundials in Germany and Switzerland from 1994 as a cylindric and spheric sundial with a free form, roman numbers and a pole as the shadowing gnonom. A special fact about this sundial is its good state: despite the fact that its freely accessable within a residental area there are no graffiti or other damages to it. The picture above is referencing to a total view (164kB 768x1024 JPEG) of this sundial from March 2004.

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