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Sundial at the Rehberge basic school, Berlin-Wedding, winter 1995/96
The photo was made with a Minox 35ML. The asymetrical (near) south front sundial at the training hall of the Rehberge school was disabled due December and January by the shadows of vis-a-vis placed buildings from the 70's. Sundial and school building were build in the 50's and located in the Guineastr. The above picture of mid February 1996 shows how the shadows of the buildings creeping up the dial after 2 o'clock. It is referencing to another image (99980 Bytes JPEG) of Fall 1996, where the shadows are coming up at about the same time.

Sundial at the Sugar Museum in Berlin Wedding

Sundial at the Sugar Museum, Berlin-Wedding, fall 1996

The sundial above was found by random. Although I passed it daily for some years, the sundial at the grey brown outside wall of the sugar museum popped into my sight first in the time of summer near fall of '95. The building is placed Amrumer Str. 32 vis-a-vis of the former "Joe am Wedding", an old dance hall with garden restaurant within the neighborhood of the Rudolf-Virchow medical center and the former institute for commercial brewering techniques of Charlottenburg. The 356x538 156kB GIF89 above is referencing to an 700x500 62kB JPEG of a photo, taken from a lesser distant. Both photos are also done with a Minox 35ML.

The Sugar Museum is open Sundays 11-18h and Mondays to Wednesdays 9-16:30h and can be reached by underground with line 9 departing Amrumer Str. and with a small walk.

The Plötzensee sluice is placed at the border of the Berlin district Wedding. (In fact, the Plötzensee sluice is already part of Charlottenburg, but for me, the location itself still belongs to Wedding...) The sluice is regulating the level differences of the Hohenzollernkanal, which is connecting the river Havel coming from the lower Tegeler See to the Westhafen. Beside of the Hohenzollernkanal the street Saatwinkler Damm is leading to Flughafen Tegel, one of the inner city airports. From this street the three detail pictures were taken, while the complete view of the sluice was taken from the Seestr./Spennrath bridge:

Four views of the Plötzensee sluice, Berlin-Wedding, winter 1998/9

At the last detail photo the clock shows some minutes after 4 p.m., but all three pictures with sunshine were made mid January before this time. This is mentionable because according to the location sundials showing the real local time should run around 6 minutes behind of the mean local time, and according to the time equation at that time of year the clock should be around 8 additional minutes late, so that the sundial should had shown a time significant before 4 p.m...

Sometimes it seems that sundials are put out of the box onto a wall only for decoration:

Sundial in the Dualastr., photo (104kB)

Wall sundial in the Dualastr., Berlin-Wedding, Fall 2004

At the sundial above the pole is not correctly aligned to show the time. It has no numbers and is made out of black varnished metal. Its mounted on a Southeast wall, so that even the dial alignment is not suitably to show the correct time. You can find this sundial in the Dualastraße at the house number 19. The picture above is referencing to a closeup view (152kB JPEG).

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