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The flower clock at the White Lake

The flower clock at the White Lake, Berlin-Weißensee, spring 1998

The White Lake (Weiße See) in Berlin is located in the north east of the city and is name giving for a large, 1920 incorporated district. Around the lake, where the water is in fact sometimes a bit white and foul, there is is small park with boat hire service and an open air swimming beach.

The photo above was taken with a Minox 35ML at the 25th of April 1998. In former GDR times and nowatimes again near the lake at the last weekend in August the White Lake flower festivity takes place. At these days the flower clock at the White Lake is a nice showpart within the green belt around the lake, a sundial with around 10 meter in diameter and a half circle dial. Near the lake the Klement-Gottwald avenue was passing with its tramways. At the image below in the background you can see a fountain in the middle of the lake, which has to be lifted in spring and lowered in autumn by SCUBA diving firemen.

The flower clock at the White Lake at the early 80ies, Berlin-Weißensee, photo: D. Andree

From 1998 on the White Lake is placed near the Berliner Allee (Berlin avenue) and can be reached by the tramways 2, 3, 4, 13, 23, and 24. The Klement-Gottwald avenue is like the GDR more or less history. The fountain was active only a few days after the above picture. It has the additional task to add oxygen to the water for hindering fouling processes.

The flower clock at the White Lake, late summer 1998

The photo above is from the first weekend in September 1998. The pointer of the sundial was installed, then, but the photo below is showing the dial of the flower clock with the first snow of 1998 - without pointer. Both images were taken with a Pentax MZ-5.

The flower clock at the White Lake, late fall 1998

A photo made and provided by Reinhard Seidel shows the flower clock in spring 2008 (436kB 800x600 JPEG) without gnonom and flowers.

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